The Wandering Monk

Kenneth Clifford

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Kenneth Clifford 

La luz en ti | Kenneth Clifford UCDM Universal


  • El viaje de entregarse a la guía divina y enfrentar los desafíos internos.
  • Reconociendo la presencia de la luz en situaciones difíciles.
  • Aceptar la incertidumbre y confiar en la guía divina para decisiones futuras.
  • Cultivar una mentalidad de gratitud y paciencia ante los desafíos.
  • El poder transformador de observar y liberar el autojuicio y las emociones negativas.


(00:00) foreign good morning and good evening for you wherever you are important transformation interior welcome to ucdm Universal a portal of life and it’s space for inner transformation services directed by Jesus and a help by collaborators all around the world and we are all one
(01:01) [Music] in Argentina today in technical support we are a company accompanied by hooky from Argentina in Colombia and myself Patricia Soto from Bogota Colombia is and we give a special thanks to Ana regular for her translation loving translation in La Terra and today is a great joy to give Welcome to our speaker Kenneth
(02:01) Clifford from Portsmouth England that brings the topic to share with us the light in you foreign thank you beloved teacher the microphone is all yours uh thank you very much everyone thank you so much for everything you do I know that you are to be able to put on something like this oh Jesus so that’s a wonderful wonderful gifts
(02:46) [Music] so I feel very very privileged to be with you all and thank you Anna for being my Spanish voice yeah [Music] so today we are actually celebrating because on this very day a year ago Anna and I were actually sent on a mission to Spain and I am is to share the teachings of A Course in Miracles
(03:21) and so it was open to um it was an open book and so we never knew how it would go and here we are one year later and I got the invite from um Universal ucdm Universal and we were trying to work out the dates and then finally it landed on this one and I thought what a perfect day to celebrate with everyone yeah
(03:58) so thank you Jesus for that yeah it’s his orchestration so for all of us today I wish many miracles many blessings much joy and much love because that is what is available yeah that’s available to all of us and that’s the reason why we’re all here yes and so we all have our seemingly way back to God
(04:43) and so for Anna and I It’s been traveling for this last year in Providence truly not knowing where we’re going to stay where am I going to be I’m really just letting taking our hands off the wheel [Music] and allowing God to lead the way in everything in our lives yeah and that’s exactly what it’s been
(05:20) yes Jesus is really teaching us trust and while we believe in forms he will use it for our Awakening to build trust really to take us over fully and to hear the internal teacher to instruct us back to our hearts back to the love which was always there yeah and so that seemingly looks different for everyone
(06:04) some don’t need to travel some have plenty of forgiveness opportunities within their family some have many opportunities at their work wherever we are there’s many opportunities for forgiveness yeah so there’s nothing special in traveling around but it’s really about expanding the mind so this is what this time is together
(06:43) now it’s an expansion of our minds if we so choose and that is a choice we can choose to be in prison or we can choose to be free yeah krishnamurti said he said you have to realize that you are in prison so you can then escape and be free and so as we know the ego is very subtle we think that we’re free
(07:26) but in actual fact we’re not yeah we we often feel very very confined by the body experience where we feel very limited it feels limiting to be a human being which you are not okay yeah and so everything here is set up as limits which is really the limits in the mind and so the ego imprisons us [Music]
(08:08) and uses everything for Grievances and wants to make those attacks warranted and make everyone else wrong local and Jesus is teaching us attack is self-attack is and so we have to come to the realization that we are attacking ourselves and this takes a lot of Mind training to really see what your motives
(08:48) so again quoting krishnamurtis he said you must watch your mind like a hawk [Music] or your motives or your expectations or your hatred your selfishness your anger all of that has to be saying and so this can be a daunting task because the ego wants to maintain itself and doesn’t want you to realize that
(09:34) it’s not real yeah and so it’s doing everything that it possibly can to maintain itself and so everything we’re experiencing within this seeming body and this universe in the egos [Music] um hands is to induce fear is and so we have to actually realize that we’re actually frightened [Music] we are seeming children
(10:15) who have lost their father and if you want to think about that in terms of a metaphor and also in the physical foreign and all of a sudden you lost him that is a very very frightening experience and in actual fact that is how we find ourselves we seemingly believe there’s a separation and we’re wanting to go back to our
(11:02) father and so we’re in the streets crying for help please help me Father por favor please find me on Friday yeah and so our job is to actually look at the fear is because where the fear is where salvation lies they are in the same place so Jesus teaches us I have put the answer where you can find it
(11:50) you believe in fear by looking at fear head-on you can dispel it and see the nothingness of it but first of all we have to undo the door and to see that there’s no monsters yeah and so that actually takes a lot of courage because often a lot of fear comes up and we know that it comes out in many symptoms
(12:30) [Music] some people really suffer within the body says projected onto the body some have many dramas in their life [Music] some have many family problems relationship problems and so forth and they’re all a way of keeping us asleep I’m not looking for the true answer and of course we we don’t know what
(13:24) gentleness is but we actually have no idea how to be carried yeah because in a way we’re trying to tell Grace what Grace is we’re trying to be helpful and we’re actually being unhelpful so they know that you’re asking so everything comes from the grace of God a complete surrender total really really I don’t know
(14:05) yeah and so we all have those different curriculums and when we’ve been traveling around we see many many circumstances and the number one thing that actually comes up is that I feel like I’m in the wrong place is there something I’m missing and it’s like wherever you go there you are yes it’s only about forgiveness
(14:46) there is nowhere to go around there it’s always right in front of you but of course as we know the egos game is seek but do not find yeah and so now we’re actually wanting to find that the Kingdom of Heaven is within and sometimes we need these contrast experiences yeah to dislodge us but I think from the mundane patterns
(15:27) so we need an expansion yeah we need a new reflection yeah so as we talk we’re inviting the Christ into our mind and it is there for you now yeah guiding you yeah if you but listen so it has nothing to do with this talk it has everything to do with you and that voice yes almost wants to gently awaken you
(16:16) and that’s the only reason why we’re together and why we do anything is to remember who we are yes and so for Anna and I we went on this trip and now we could see it as a walk of trust [Music] yeah and you really really trust realme everything is going to be completely [Music] when Jesus says I can arrange time and
(17:00) space for you if you be a miracle worker for me he means he’s a wonderful personal assistant [Music] he doesn’t miss anything so for example today [Music] I got confused on the time difference I am seemingly in the UK a new CDM run on Colombian time and so I thought it was going to be at four o’clock my time
(17:47) but it turns out it was going to be three o’clock my time and I’d wrote that all in my phone for four o’clock so I wouldn’t forget so for once I was very organized but I’ve been very organized because I would have been an hour late but luckily Jesus knew the time of when it started and my phone beeped an hour early
(18:21) and on my phone when I do appointments Gathering ucdm Universal 4 P.M [Music] but my reminder came for at 2 p.m to remind me that it’s actually it’s repeating I was so the Great Master looks after everything for me without my effort and if there’s somewhere where he needs me so obviously you needed me here today
(19:10) he brings me here yeah and it’s these small things that just happen over and over again so really what it’s felt like for us Jesus wants you to focus on awakening and that’s why he says listen forget about the format that’s a walk in the park you need to mind a train and I will move you in the direction of
(19:53) where you need to and so it doesn’t always look in the way that you pursue the way you want it to be yeah we’re often wanting the comfort of the body the comfort of the personal self and so for anyone we have to let go of all of that we have to rely on miracles us we have to rely on Joy and letting go of grievances pretty
(20:40) quickly yeah and from that everything unfolds yeah so we are not actually planning anything so I was thinking about it today yeah we’ve been so far and the longest lesson in the course of Miracles is less than 135. if I defend myself I am attacked and in that lesson he said if there are plans to be made
(21:20) you will be told of them yeah so it’s not that there isn’t a plan if you’ve got to ask what the plan is so that’s why there’s actually no planning because the the divine plan is greater than you can imagine yeah you are truly carried and so for us I mean when it came to this day while you’ve been traveling for
(21:59) one whole year but I know [Music] [Music] we went and did a talk in um for a course group when we walked outside they told me it’s a miracle they said in all the years of having this group it’s the first time not once if we argued that is a miracle that’s wonderful yeah and so many things like this just
(23:02) naturally happening without asking for anything yeah so we’re not sitting there thinking that we want anything we just want to be truly helpful and from that really it’s what’s helpful to serve your mind the one mind will serve everyone yeah so for example when I came home last time to the to the UK
(23:40) [Music] um there was a barbecue arranged and I haven’t seen my family in five years and they said oh where everybody’s coming to the barbecue and they said I said okay what day is it and I said like I said it’s on Saturday I said I’m sorry I I actually I’ll be part of the movie sessions with my friend David Hofmeister
(24:09) and my family said wow you haven’t seen us for five years and everybody’s going to be together and you’re not going to see them and I said it’s not that I’m not going to see them it’s just not in the configuration that we think and my mom said it sounds like you don’t care and I said who I am supposed to meet I
(24:42) will meet and who I am not meant to me I want me yeah and so what happened was is all of a sudden so so I I I I it was a non-compromise lesson but the Kingdom of Heaven first and everything will be added unto you so although I was seemingly attacked I did not experience guilt because I thought well I’m serving the
(25:19) hole being at the Gathering seems most important and then as the week followed on I was then invited round to different family members houses and there we had very very intimate times together there was only a few of us and we could really really share our hearts when we left my aunties my mom told me she cried and cried with
(26:01) joy let’s see and had I have gone to this barbecue it would have been a fleeting visit with everyone and often it’s hard to get into depth in scenarios like that is so instead Jesus sent me out to see them in twos and threes to share the love in that way but I don’t know so I just have to follow my heart
(26:46) and some say wow that’s that’s challenging yeah and so for example I haven’t I haven’t spent um Christmas with my family for probably over seven years and everything is up front with them they know I’m really I say well really I’m a modern day monk yesterday [Music] my life is not my own yeah and where I’m send I’m saying yeah
(27:20) and that might even be meaning on Christmas so I have no idea that might mean even being sent away on Christmas yes and so in actual fact although I’m in the UK [Music] we got an invitation and I felt yes that’s where I must be so um I had a phone call with my mum and she told me oh yes come this week
(27:53) this is now this week right and she says and she says it’s a joke she said well you can come this week on one condition that you spend Christmas with us and I said well I’ve actually got an invite yeah so I won’t be at Christmas with you and I could hear our very disappointed she was a week ago and I felt very upset
(28:34) I thought well Jesus she really put it on me don’t you okay you love for me to practice but I prayed and it felt good in my heart and I said this must be good for the whole yeah and the day before I got here yeah I felt this opening and I thought it’s all resolved and I got here and we we shared our got
(29:11) to my mum and dad’s house and I explained to him it’s not that I don’t want to spend Christmas but I feel that this is this is very very important yeah and I explained that I really felt um recalling and it felt very important that we would spend that time together and as I explained the whole situation
(29:50) yeah my mom said oh my goodness you must go there yes that is where you’re meant to be yeah and so in the form it looks like oh my goodness me how could I do that [Music] but when you follow Jesus sauce it serves absolutely everyone it’s foreign [Music] when I handed my life over foliage Jesus before I went to the community
(30:44) I knew that this love is real it goes beyond everything and I said Jesus I am completely and utterly yours and then he said wonderful your way you need to let go of everything and come with me and I said what does that mean you’re here he said well I need you to be moving around [Music] you mean away from my family Jesus
(31:24) yes that’s what I mean well this is a big ask so I had a lot of fear and I said to Jesus okay I’ll do it on one condition I said you tell me that everybody comes with us is that true he said yes and I said so if I is follow your instructions you promise me you’ll take care of everyone without fail he said the thing is I can do a much
(32:14) better job than you yeah and I said okay this is going to take a bit more prayer and I have my niece and nephew at the time they were about eight and nine and we had such a beautiful um connection and I would say you’re like our second daddy aren’t you yeah and I said yeah I guess that’s the way of putting it
(32:50) so we had a very very tight connection and I said Jesus I have to let them down and he says yes and I will take care of them and literally he has and it’s like how I describe it is it’s like you go in the boat and often when you start off on your journey it can be a bit rough yeah but you have to get a little bit of
(33:28) momentum going and once you get a bit of momentum going the boat creates a wake at the back and Jesus said to me well everyone is in the choppy sea um and he said now you’re in the boat with me and he said and as we drive forward everyone comes into the wake of the bus and within the Wake it’s much more peaceful
(34:08) yeah so everyone’s coming along peacefully yeah yeah and so we have to put it to the test I see I say okay Jesus I’m Yours six months of me being in the community I get a message from my mom she says wow Kenneth I can’t believe you’ve been away for six months I fell closer to you than ever before it seems like you’re halfway around the
(34:50) world but it does it doesn’t even feel like it and she said I don’t believe it I don’t even miss you not in a bad way because I feel you in my heart and then from that more miracles came for them many more things together and because you followed your heart we realized that we were following our house
(35:33) and now we’re following our hearts and we’re really opening up to one another so everyone is going through this huge transformation together yeah and so sometimes someone has to go forward but yeah truly there is no sacrifice yeah and so really that’s really what’s happened for me is that if you look at now this life the
(36:22) seeming life he would say wow you took some serious steps there Me Maybe as wow but yet when it’s him carrying you you don’t really feel that way because you feel like it is in the service of everyone really you’re being carried by the Light yeah and that is that that is the true Joy of this yes and of course for me
(36:57) I would say I was sort of like brought up as a typical man to be a provider to be a protector to be there for my family to know all the answers to everything yeah and to do my best by but by everyone to keep everyone safe yes and to always be strong and Jesus says that’s not your job that’s my job yeah and I’m like really and he says
(37:39) yeah you’ve got to loosen up so for me going on this trip really has shown many of those patterns in my mind and so how I would sum up this year Jesus said now it’s about you getting in touch with your feelings [Music] you don’t have to be strong anymore you can let it all go yeah you can let this concept going
(38:20) and so we moved from house to house to house and if the emotions come just the emotions come yeah and this time it’s been for me without shame and it has been truly to say well I’m I’m actually really frightened Jesus before it was always putting on that front I can handle this and I didn’t realize how scared I was
(38:59) so for example I had to go in hospital for a test foreign [Music] I wasn’t feeling very well and they said okay we’re going to take some Bloods for you and when I went in there my prayer was okay I am going to be completely and utterly authentic yes [Music] I don’t want to be anything so when I went in there she said do you
(39:35) mind if I take your blood and it did all the translations I said you can do whatever you like as long as I’m not looking that’s my criteria and so she’s done my blood and then I felt this wave of emotion coming over me yes and I felt this vulnerability and so before I would have had I would have sucked it up
(40:11) and I would have been strong but I thought wow what’s this coming up I’m just going to surrender to it and as I was lying there my body began to shake and the image came of me being like an eight-year-old child and I thought wow I’m actually really frightened that’s it wow and so I just allowed myself to cry
(40:47) and it just felt very very honesto and that crime continued yes I had to have actually have more tests done and I had a big crime yeah and I just allowed myself to be completely Nutley vulnerable but this time it was without guilt and without shame it was like this is the reason why I’ve brought you
(41:21) here you’re holding on to a lot of stuff amazing stuff in all of my emotions I need to put you in these scenarios yeah and so it’s been incredible and so in the beginning when these emotions started coming up to the surface it frightened me because I’d never experience and it felt overwhelming [Music]
(42:11) and Jesus was saying just keep sitting with me and so slowly and slowly and slowly I was able to sit with all of these feelings and what was underneath was very very deep emotions yeah many many emotions and the more and more I said before I started to feel the release yeah and and the more and more I do this
(42:54) the more that comes up and Jesus says yeah this is the wife it’s all been down there and so this one time I was sitting with Jesus and I believe I was in the sadness and I was just allowing that recognizing that it’s not me just observing it and then with that it dropped me into the sphere and it was like this really really dark
(43:31) place but where I’d been practicing for so long I was like wow this is fascinating I could feel this was a pocket in my mind [Music] um and that’s why Jesus teaches us I need happy Learners and that’s why we hold his hand yeah because it’s the prison door is open but we believe that the prison tour is
(44:32) and Jesus keeps saying hey the prison door is open but while you do believe in fear the ego will experience fear that you don’t actually experience fear [Music] you’re just actually associate dating yourself with the ink see look at this and not the Christ sound so that’s why it’s very very important
(45:02) to see that this isn’t you important yeah but it has to be seen and then it becomes really fun yes what is controlling me and so the last sort of phase for me has been extreme self-hatred yeah but it’s actually been enjoyable because it’s the more I take it back the more I know that it’s time’s up and it’s like wow this is incredible
(45:46) yeah as he says I am doing this unto myself and it is this I would undo yes this is the secret of Salvation and so the more and more I see that I’m doing it to myself and I see this is really why he’s taking me on this trip [Music] he completely and likely looks after the former and he changes the form
(46:22) constantly and he says can you be peaceful now and he says oh this scenario isn’t exactly your preferences can you be peaceful now and another scenario turns up can you be peaceful now because of course the course is teaching us peace of mind is yeah and no matter where we are in the world we cannot be controlled by it
(47:08) so he’s given us very much contrast experience and so you may say well that’s very well for you [Music] you haven’t got all of the responsibilities and I haven’t got all this time well we had a friend that came with us on a miracle trip she spoke with us and she said wow my life is so so different than yours
(47:45) I do the same thing over and over again I don’t see many people and my life is completely mundane and here you are traveling around Europe having all these Miracles so while we pray together I said what would you like her first prayer was I want an adventure and then the next day she said I want to trust
(48:24) and I said I think I’ve got the answer to your prayer I said you’re supposed to come with us for a week bearing in mind we don’t know where we’re going that’s the adventure she said yes I’m in so she books the week off work and we end up traipsing up this mountain in the middle of nowhere um no running water no yeah
(49:02) no electricity no electricity and we end up doing a mount uh doing our gathering up in up in the mountains and then we were up there for two days and she said and where are we going after that I said I don’t know she said we don’t know no we don’t know so we got a phone call and this is what happens it was a friend
(49:36) right near where we were near Granada she said you want to come and stay with this just down the road I said yeah have you got room for three really she said no I’ve already got room for two I said okay that’s that one out of the questions but I’m sure our time will come to me so our friend says have we heard of
(50:11) anywhere to stay here I said well we just had a phone call but they couldn’t host us all she said so tomorrow we don’t know where so we’re all in one car where Miles and Miles Away from our house kilometers [Music] across the country and we don’t know where we’re going there I said Don’t Forget You prayed for
(50:46) an adventure I said it will be revealed we did a Catherine and a lot of people couldn’t even get up the mountain the cars could get up there and their host was saying I’m so sorry and I said who is supposed to be here we’ll be here it’s Jesus and so the ones came and it was extremely deep a new friend came up
(51:26) and he was literally on his knees didn’t know anything of A Course in Miracles yeah and he came up he said wow this is completely transformative wow I feel and see all of this light and I know that Jesus is with us and he said thank you gracias and so at the end of The Retreat yeah I said well we’re going to be in the area
(52:09) and we’re open for invitations and that friend said do you want to come and stay yes and I said can you take three of us he said yes of course so within an afternoon now we have our next steps and we go down and so everything that’s unhealed will be revealed and so our friend was having a contrast experience with us
(52:46) she said oh my goodness me these conditions are awful wow this is not my preference because we were sleeping in Texas yeah and she kept looking at us and saying but they are in complete acceptance and I’m angry and I’m not getting what I want and in her mind she thought why don’t I join with them and she said always I see is them being
(53:31) helpful so she said I know what I’m gonna start helping them in dances so she started coming towards us and saying right how can I help you yeah and so we all just got into prayer and we had a very profound time with the little group that we had down there none of them knew the course of Miracles and I said this is incredible
(54:04) this is so deep it’s my performance I said would you stay on and do another gathering for us we said yeah absolutely so a load of people come down and we and we do a gathering foreign and so it was always teach what you would learn and it was all about relationships and so for me and Anna moving around
(54:41) and being together every single day we really had to learn how to express to one another and let go of our grievances so we could stay in our right mind and so of course we play the perfect mirrors to hold up our grievances so they can be released but while we’re on the road this needs to be released very quickly
(55:19) so that was our that [Music] we have far greater insights and so what seems to be is us being helpful to another is actually them helping us so it’s gratitude around for everyone and so wherever we go I see everything is configured to awaken you and if you wish to follow the ego
(56:21) everything will be configured so wherever we are whether you do the course of Miracles or not everybody wants healing everybody wants to see the light so with me I meet a random persona persona I don’t share about A Course in Miracles to anyone journalism it’s a full invitation and yeah I sit there and we have a month
(56:59) it’s seemingly rather than a mundane conversation and I’m really not listening to what they’re saying I’m saying I want to see the Christ and I pray to see the light and then before you know it the person says can I share some things and they start opening up their hearts and they say wow I feel like I’ve known
(57:35) you all my life Mason wow and I’m sharing all this stuff and I don’t even know what I’m sharing and of course I’m saying I’m saying in my own mind it’s actually Jesus that is here Jesus can transform any Jesus um into the Christo yeah and so really that is really what anani’s seeming trips been I think
(58:13) we just have to pray to see the Christ [Music] and that is what will lead you yes back to your heart so yeah that’s really kind of summing it up in an hour there’s obviously much more to share but I would love to open it up if you have any questions [Music] if you have anything really really pressed on your heart
(58:49) if you’re touched by anything if you want to share some Miracles yeah the floor is completely and utterly open to you and we are allow Jesus to work with us all for these holy encounters so we have the next 25 minutes um and um yeah will allow the Holy Spirit to lead us and if there’s anyone in the chat they
(59:28) can write um whatever’s needed yeah because there also may be some fear and talking your heart might be pounded and that’s probably a good sign yes that the light wants to come we have a hand very well como estas
(1:00:29) very very grateful is to both of you because you’re a couple hours and we seem to have our own relationships that we have surrendered to the Holy Spirit and for me to see you as a couple in guidance all the time putting aside your grievances [Music] and still loving each other deeply fundamentally letting go of
(1:01:34) your personal preferences personalities gives me such hope Esperanza I really am looking forward to following your example [Music] were you surrendered what supposedly has to be as far as working [Music] as far as where to be where to live and on the star and on the river I cannot yet imagine uh how that can come through
(1:02:33) to me [Music] so to know that it is possible is such a it’s just pure joy in my heart and I thank you deeply for that um um thank you yes yes oh thank you so much yes yes okay sure really this experience is your experience yes our Miracles are your Miracles so if you’re hearing it it is actually you
(1:03:23) know it’s not actually it’s not actually a separate experience it is your experience and being completely guided and completely being taken care of yeah and so yeah that’s that that’s really what we what we need to remember yes we’re very quick to hold on to our Grievances and to hold on to how terrible we are
(1:03:53) yeah and how useless we are on the on the spiritual journey and yet when we hear Miracles you actually forget that everyone’s Miracle course and so Jesus teaches you you don’t have to go through the same experiences as what I experience for my learnings so you you need not go through all of that you can learn from my example
(1:04:29) as well as you can learn from the examples of your brothers as you see the light in them thank you oh thank you so much yes yes so we’re gonna do one question a live and another question from the written questions in the chat so first we can start with you Andrea thank you for being here
(1:05:29) hola um is such a joy for me is to hear you always when you’re in that adventure and that Journey um I’ve been feeling lately an inspiration to become an intern in La Casa milados in Mexico [Music] and I would love to feel a certainty in my heart but I still feel there’s not a hundred percent certainty inside of me
(1:06:26) to be able to give that step Sierra is and I would love to have to have like a prayer or something to help me get in touch with that and also so that I don’t feel any regret of saying no no I should have come I shouldn’t have come well maybe we can share a little bit of our news so in actual fact it on January the 3rd
(1:07:08) we’re actually coming back to Mexico yeah and so there’s the possibility of actually um traveling around South America and North America and Central America for North America Central America is America yeah so that’s a possibility and we will be um in the community and Anna and I will be helping with all
(1:07:39) of the Spanish-speaking things and so we’re going to be doing some online broadcasting transmission and then probably we’ll be doing some traveling so we’ll be coming to the Americas so that’s our next mission yeah so maybe that will inspire something and we get and we just and we just pray to make it obvious
(1:08:15) yeah and as Jesus says he’s not concerned about your Readiness Jesus says I’m ready now okay so nothing done um with him is um will be fulfilled um yeah it will be completely fulfilled so it’s never our Readiness we’re never going to be ready by Grace so we just put that in the prayer together and to make it obvious for you
(1:09:02) and if that door opens up that would be wonderful and I’m sure they would love to have you down there and whatever it is that happens yeah we we pray for miracles we pray for love we pray for life and know that I’m always [Music] I love you yeah that’s yes foreign to
(1:10:07) be able to follow yeah yeah well what I love about Jesus is he’s so simple [Music] he says the easiest way to follow me is how do you feel we’re so used to being stuck in our heads and he wants us to be more intuitive we need to fill our yeses and we need to fill our nose yeah and really really that’s it
(1:11:01) and allow everything just to present itself because in that sense it’s not really a journey and it’s not achieving something so it’s like our life really we didn’t really choose this I’m sitting there I’m doing we’re doing a talk and one of the questions was [Music] wanting to establish stab Life as a
(1:11:44) Spanish teacher and I said there’s nothing to established so the thing is is we we almost think like it’s about this personal journey and really it’s really about an undoing and it’s learning that you’re already perfect yeah and there’s nothing that you need to do to change that and so as we’ve been sharing in my
(1:12:22) buzzword right now from Jesus is [Music] because sometimes I like to help him which isn’t helpful he says it’s by grace and so it really is just a really really stepping back it’s best to say that I don’t know then it is that I do and allow Jesus to take over your emotions and say really really make it clear for
(1:13:04) me and so for us this is why we always pray for the whole foreign it’s like one of those movies where they put you in a position and you can’t move [Music] yeah and so that is a really really good
(1:14:13) way to the really good way to tell um but equally though sometimes there might be some fear that comes up as well with whatever it is that needs to come through and it’s just to really really learn to sit with that is because remember the ego speaks louder than first so for example it might be the guidance
(1:14:44) and then the fear kicks in yes and then they say oh that’s not the guidance because I’m fearful and believe you and me you’ve got to go through those steps it’s like you have to sit with a fear and when the fear dissipates it will be still obvious like you will find that yes within your heart as to what needs to
(1:15:14) happen and equally from that prayer the no will become clear too so never be put off by um fear in guidance um it just means and you it needs to be sat with more [Music] yeah and really it’s always a practice of patience everything is patience and so the more patient you are the more the universe will bow to you
(1:15:54) [Music] it’s not you seeking for guidance is guidance coming to you yeah you’re you’re the antenna to allow the answers to come to you so often what we do with guidance we say this is my life now I want you to guide me through my life and Jesus says that’s not how it works you hand it all over take your hands
(1:16:31) [Music] so when he says I will step back and let him lead the way he actually means
(1:17:35) so that’s that that’s that’s that’s what we’re doing all the time so for example with this trip we’ve never asked for one Gathering we never asked for one-on-ones yeah we’re not trying to get something from this every day it’s just okay I’m available so you know for example I’m with my mum and dad and their life’s completely planned
(1:18:16) and I wake up in the morning and my mom says what are you doing today I said I have no idea I said the only thing I know is I’ve got talk and that’s all I know okay okay and it will be revealed to me and it was yes yes it is yes yes so that is that that is the total that that is really the difference yeah
(1:18:48) so Jesus isn’t really coming into our life and saying oh I’m going to start guiding you and make you a better life foreign [Music] so it’s not a sin to pray for things in
(1:20:00) forms Jesus will use them and when that toy is finished then he will offer you something else but really it’s like that that’s the surrender is allow him to bring his gifts trust not in your good intentions yeah so I hope that helps with the guidance [Music] Adriana thank you Indiana or foreign foreign
(1:21:12) I am dealing with many changes and with a mental illness of me and my daughter mucho I feel a lot of fear and I’m blaming myself a lot all areas of my life are totally upside down easy kids [Music]
(1:22:12) um so that they give you the answer yeah well often when we think that things are going wrong they’re actually going right and Jesus teaches us we cannot judge our Retreats from our games and so the whole book is teaching us yeah so it’s only our judgments that are hurting us [Music] yeah and so when we listen to the holy
(1:22:57) um the the ego yeah it’s gonna kick and scream and it’s going to try all of its tricks yeah but it’s actually not who you are and so this is the real important thing that these thoughts these emotions these difficulties are not who you are difficult and so as I was sharing but we must look at them and so in actual fact this is actually
(1:23:40) wonderful because it’s obviously you’re ready to actually look at it and so now what we want to do yeah is we want to say well Jesus I have a lot of this self-hatreds coming up will you take my hand and start sitting calmly and actually really really looking at the thoughts and allowing ourselves to um feel the
(1:24:17) feelings yeah so it’s it’s all it is is a time of gentleness yeah it’s just passing through yeah in a way we’re not even in control of this um honestly can’t control this yeah so it’s it’s like trying to control the clouds and if you live in England there’s lots of clouds and if you try and control them
(1:24:56) it’s gonna be very very challenging and you’re going to get very very tired but yet they come and they come and they go so in actual fact it’s like to be grateful I think it is that this is a this is a healing time and it’s like oh wow the light at is underneath all this is there so as I shared earlier
(1:25:28) where the where the um problem is there is the solution so God put the solution where we could find it and everyone will have to face so self-hatred that’s why the whole course is through the darkness to the light and that’s why it says it is a course in releasing the blocks to the awareness of Love’s presence
(1:26:04) so as our friend says you should be grateful when all of this is coming up you should be celebrating because this means it’s on its way out yeah and so sometimes on the journey it actually does get very intense yeah and that is a time to hold tight [Music] yeah and if you feel like the thoughts are very overwhelming
(1:26:39) and it can be good to write them down or if you have like a mighty companion that you can join with and they can sit there and just listen to you without opinions or judgments just handing it over to the Holy Spirit can be really really helpful so really our only problem is is that we’re judging ourselves
(1:27:17) yeah and it seems like often on the dismantling but it feels like it’s going wrong but as my friend says when it gets a bit intense he says oh you’re going for a transformation yeah and from that it’s like it’s a softer word yes this is just being transformed reconfigured [Music] so nothing’s actually going wrong
(1:27:57) nothing can go wrong so what we need to do is we need to learn to observe it and not associate with it and so when we’re in this situation we see it and know that this isn’t us and actually ask for our true self because that that that is underneath it but yeah it’s not don’t don’t be don’t be fearful that these things are
(1:28:36) happening yeah that we’re all holding your hands [Music] and now your prayer has been heard and so the only one that I know that can help is Jesus and he will bestow the miracle yeah and so really you’re actually the the thing that you’re entitled to yeah it’s Miracles and so in actual fact it feels like this is a transformation
(1:29:13) of the mind [Music] and he says sometimes it can be disorientating yeah but this won’t last [Music] yeah so we have to remember that it can feel like it’s a Little Rock but even in you just expressing this foreign [Music] thank you gracias [Music] Michelle gracias wow thank you so much
(1:30:16) with not the name of mas preguntas in YouTube manifestations [Music] for the unconditional service you have decided to do uh thank you so much for this wonderful platform that brings us all together from around the world and so for me it is truly an honor to be here and join in this holy purpose and everything that you’re doing in
(1:31:05) spreading the message of love and life is so truly the honor is all mine yeah so thanks to you gracias and the light that you bring thank you gracias thank you yes yes thank you yes yes foreign quote you said wonderful everything that is not healed will be revealed as a as a conscious experience and I choose to listen to the voice of
(1:32:12) the holy spirit that tells me what I still need to heal yes infinitas gracias Hermanos beloved Brothers to everyone that’s joining us live from YouTube and soon espiritus and Jesus transmission to all our friends in YouTube we’re
(1:33:18) gonna end the transmission now silences but before that we want to invite you to another session tonight at 7 pm with our beloved sister Nancy Venezuela [Music]