The Wandering Monk

Kenneth Clifford

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Kenneth Clifford 

The Ripple of Awakening Podcast with Ann-Marie Marchant

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In this podcast episode, Ann-Marie engages in a heartfelt conversation with Kenneth Clifford, known as The Wondering Monk.

Kenneth candidly shares his journey as a young man, struggling with feelings of not fitting in, anger, and even murderous thoughts. Turning to drugs and feeling shut down and unworthy, Kenneth experienced a turning point that led him to ask profound questions, altering the course of his life.

Kenneth’s transformative journey involved extensive inner work, a 7-year training as a Gestalt Psychotherapist, and the practice of the teachings of A Course in Miracles (ACIM). Ultimately, he devoted his life to sharing the message of unconditional love, rooted in ACIM and the teachings of Jesus. Kenneth’s mission is for everyone to embrace this love and partake in the joy, laughter, peace, and deep stillness within, collectively laughing away all fear.

In 2016, Kenneth received a divine message from Jesus, guiding him to become a wandering Monk. Since then, he has been traversing the globe, spreading Jesus’s love.

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